11 cold knowledge about mobile phones may not be known to many people

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The mobile phone has become an indispensable and important tool in people's lives. Whether it is entertainment or work, it can play a great role. Today's mobile phone styles and functions have reached an unprecedented height, allowing consumers to have More choices, but do n’t look at everyone so familiar with mobile phones, but some cold knowledge about mobile phones, maybe not many people know, today LifeTech came to chat, 11 cold knowledge related to mobile phones, But many people may not know it!

1. Less than 10% charge affects battery life

At present, basically all smart phone batteries are lithium batteries. Generally, the lithium battery's power is normal at 40% -80%, whether it is standby or charging, but if the power consumption is too low (low (10%), and even has been automatically turned off. Charging in this state has a great impact on the life of the mobile phone battery, because this will cause excessive discharge of the lithium battery, and the chemical activity in the battery will decrease. This cold knowledge Hope to know.

2. It's as sturdy without the protective film of mobile phone

If it is a smart phone in the past, it is necessary to put a protective film on the phone. It can indeed protect it from scratching. It does not require any protective film, and the protective film is more of a psychological comfort now.

3. Closing the background program does not save power

This is also a misunderstanding of many mistakes. I think that cleaning up and closing background programs will save power, but often professionals believe that this statement is very ridiculous, because when you leave an application and start using other programs, the first The running memory of the application will be retained, so that common programs stay in the background can save the step of reading the memory. This multi-tasking algorithm helps save power. For this interesting cold knowledge, many people may not do not know.

4. Flight mode charges faster

For us ordinary people, the flight mode of the mobile phone should be used very few times. In fact, this function is still very useful. For example, charging will be faster. When you switch to this mode, the signal of the mobile phone will be interrupted, and the positioning tracking is also If you stop them, the phone will consume less power when these features are disabled, and it will also speed up the charging process.

5. The phone can still be tracked after removing the SIM card

It is seen from some movies that when a person removes the SIM card, the possibility of being tracked is cut off. In fact, this is completely wrong. As soon as the mobile phone is turned on, it will search for nearby base stations, and the base station will locate the mobile phone unless Button down the battery, otherwise it is really "nowhere to escape".

6. Plastic case appearance mobile phone has many benefits

Many people are willing to choose glass or metal when they buy a mobile phone. They think that the plastic case is a low-level product, but this is not the case. Because of the material, the plastic case looks lighter. In summer and winter, it will not feel overheated or cold, and it will not shield the signal. Compared with glass-covered mobile phones, it will also be more resistant to drop and the cost of repair is very low

7. Overnight charging will not cause any harm to the phone

There are more and more claims that charging your phone overnight is risky and shortening the service life, but some experts say that this view is completely wrong, because current smartphones have a good protection against overcharging. Once the battery is fully charged, the charging process will be automatically disconnected, so overnight charging will not cause any harm to the phone. I hope to know!

8. The higher the pixel, the clearer the picture is not necessarily

Now many manufacturers will have a high-pixel gimmick to attract consumers, making consumers think that the higher the pixel, the more clear the picture will be, but in fact this is not the case. The lens and sensor of the mobile phone camera will definitely play a greater role in image quality. For the important role. If the lens is defective, the picture will get low-quality photos. If the lens is defective but the pixels are high, the picture will be a high-resolution low-quality photo. Therefore, it is just a matter of considering pixels, in fact, there is some one-sidedness.

9. 4G network consumes more power than 3G network

We all know that the 4G network will definitely load faster than the 3G network, but the 4G network will also consume more power, and of course 5G is the same. Therefore, if you only want to save more power, you can set the mobile phone network on the 3G network. If you want to download something, you can switch to the 4G network. Although it is a bit troublesome, it is still very practical.

10. 8G running memory is not practical

Admittedly, running memory is of course important, but is it really necessary like today's 8G running memory? The answer is definitely no. According to most users, there is no gap in the daily experience of 8G running memory and 6G running memory. There is no obvious gap even when running some large games. Therefore, 8G running memory is an excess performance. It is not practical, but the price of mobile phones is a lot more expensive. This point still needs to be paid attention to to avoid paying unjust money.

11. Hair dryer can easily explode

Sometimes, due to carelessness, the mobile phone accidentally enters the water, so some people will dry it with a hair dryer. In fact, this is very dangerous, because the mobile phone itself is very afraid of heat, and the heat generated by the hair dryer for a short time is enough to bring Injury, in severe cases, there is a risk of explosion, so try not to do so.

What interesting things do you know about mobile phones? You can leave a message with me below!

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