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history phones in years

As the appearance and functions of smartphones become more and more homogeneous, the over-configuration situation that has appeared on computers has gradually emerged, and consumers' desire to change machines is no longer strong. In order to stimulate consumption, various mobile phone manufacturers have devoted eighteen martial arts to the hardware and software of mobile phones, so that their own mobile phones have more "skills". In the light of my own ideas, even one Features that are not very practical can also be used as a selling point for mobile phones to pry a large part of the purchase crowd. Today, let's talk about the selling points used by mobile phone manufacturers to leverage consumption!

First, the era of full screen brought by Liu Haiping

Although Xiaobian is a supporter of domestic mobile phones, I have to admit that Apple has played a leading role in mobile phone trends in many aspects. Probably speaking from the launch of the Apple X equipped with Liu Haiping, domestic mobile phones also set off the era of Liu Haiping. At that time, apart from the logos of mobile phone manufacturers on mobile phones, it was really difficult to distinguish mobile phone manufacturers from similar appearances and bangs. .

Second, the multi-camera era

It was really hard to imagine a few years ago that there would be more than two camera phones.

From the memory of Xiaobian, from the Huawei mate9 launched the dual rear camera of the mobile phone, to the rear three cameras of the mate20, etc., various mobile phone manufacturers have successively introduced mobile phones with dual dual cameras and triple cameras, even Apple Also had to make changes and improvements in the new flagship. In addition, there are even manufacturers who have introduced ornamental cameras in order to make up for four cameras, which is very painstaking.

Third, the main screen technology

In fact, in some people's perception, Samsung's screen is the best, both in color gamut and color reproduction are leading. However, the high refresh rate and Rheinland Eye Care certification are still new actions in the 2019 mobile phone screen publicity and have been recognized by many consumers.

Fourth, off-screen technology

Under-screen technology is actually more a technological innovation triggered by Liu Haiping and full-screen. When mobile phone manufacturers are pursuing the maximum of the screen, they have to find ways to reduce or even cancel the space occupied by the microphone and front fingerprint. New technical solutions such as cameras have begun to emerge among mobile phone manufacturers. In the end, under the choice of consumers, the fittest will survive and the fittest will survive.

Fifth, wireless charging is better than nothing

Unlike wired charging, the emergence of wireless charging is as convenient as a wireless Bluetooth headset, eliminating the need for a plug-in board for the charging cable when charging. However, its limited transmission power has not gained much consumer recognition when the mobile phone is fast acting as a channel. However, the current flagship models of various mobile phone manufacturers will be equipped with wireless charging modules to allow mobile phones to meet the hardware requirements for wireless charging, and even have reverse charging conditions.

Sixth, the arrival of 5G technology

Because of the arrival of 5g, there will also be a wave of mobile phone upgrades. At present, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5g mobile phones at the price of 2,000 yuan, hoping to gain more consumer favor and market with higher cost performance.

For what reasons do you have the urge to get a new phone? Feel free to leave a comment and comment below.

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