Root on Android 8.0 or above, Magisk framework Replaces SuperSU

At the end of September, a mobile phone evaluation business I was in charge of had a demand for ROOT phones.

The phone is just listed Huawei Nova 3, Android version 8.1.

replaces SuperSU, magisk root apk download

According to the "ancestral" brushing method, using SuperSU to ROOT mobile phones has not been successful. After several failed attempts, I realized that the problem may be that the model is too new, and SuperSU is not compatible with the latest models. After searching SpurSU's official website, it was found that Chainfire, the soul of the project, retired around October 2017, and the team has not provided software updates. Find a feasible way to flash Android version 8.1 on the machine front forum. The team of Taiwan ’s topjohnwu has magically changed SuperSU and renamed Magisk. The software is continuously updated on Github. Magisk, a very Chinese name.

ROOT mobile phone refers to the manual operation, usually by swiping the zip file card into the bottom layer of the mobile phone system, to obtain the mobile phone's only highest ROOT permission. After the ROOT phone is successful, you can use the ROOT permission to change the hardware, uninstall the pre-installed software from the manufacturer, and perform mobile phone system operations. The disadvantage is that the manufacturer does not guarantee and interferes with the normal operation of the mobile phone system.

Android evaluation tools use the Xposed framework, which requires ROOT authorization.

The conclusion is that Android version 7.1 and below use SuperSU to root phones, and Android version 8.0 and above use Magisk to root phones.

A SuperSU supports Android 7.1 and no longer updated

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