Is it simple to use the whatsapp method in China?

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Domestic foreign trade companies use WhatsApp customers are not a small number, so the mainland's foreign trade enterprise staff using whatsapp method is still necessary to master, is it difficult to use WhatsApp in China? It is still difficult to use this type of software in China, the reason is that After blocking the external network in China, this type of software has a certain degree of difficulty in connecting to the network. It is not to say that it is completely unavailable, but it is intermittent, which has a great impact on users.

If you want to use WhatsApp, you must first download and install it on your phone. Some users do not find the app in the app store and find it difficult to find. In fact, this is not the case. This is due to the wrong way to find such software. We can directly find this type of software through a browser, and download and install it from Baidu web disk. Some users think that the software version they search for is too low. In fact, there is no need to worry about such problems. As long as they can run after installation, , You can use the latest version of WhatsApp through the software automatic update function.

Some users find this approach too tedious, and actually want to have an excellent effect in foreign trade development. Even if it is tedious, WhatsApp is used. Let's take a look at the popularity of WhatsApp: "WhatsApp is the most popular chat application in many countries, including Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Th ai land and Turkey, especially in Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and Spain. More than 80 %. "

From the above foreign statement, you can see that in many countries, foreign trade company employees use WhatsApp as the preferred communication type software, with a penetration rate of up to 80%, so even if it is tedious to use this type of software in China, users still Necessary to install this type of software.

After downloading WhatsApp and installing it, users in many areas in the country find that they cannot connect to the network. Why does this happen? This is precisely because the network is blocked. In this state, they want to use this type of software. Users must first find a piece of software that can connect to foreign networks. The current number of agent software is still large. Some software requires payment, and some software is free to use. Generally speaking, these types of software used for free are limited in time or limited in number of logins. Therefore, foreign trade users should try Pay-based software is the main type, usually the monthly cost is between 15 ~ 30 yuan, the charge is not very high.

The reason why the whatsapp method in the mainland is cumbersome is precisely because of network connection problems. After solving this type of problem, the use of WhatsApp is very simple, so how to use it?

If you want to use WhatsApp, the other party ’s mobile phone must also have WhatsApp installed. Otherwise, you cannot communicate with the other party through this form. After that, you must confirm that the mobile phone number given by the other party is correct, otherwise you cannot contact the other party. In addition, pay attention to Do not use the prefix 0 in the process of communicating with foreign users. This is a basic type of operation, and it is still easy to master. If you do not understand this type of problem well, you can look at the official description of the software application.

After understanding how to find customers on WhatsApp, the problem that users need to pay attention to is how to make customers find you. In fact, this is very simple.

This software is very functional and has a shared location function. User companies can find related business personnel of domestic foreign trade companies in this way. Not only that, in order to facilitate users to understand the products of foreign trade company staff. , In the description of personal information, the website of the official company can also be added. In this way, the user company can fully understand the product of the seller 's company, and can let the other party understand the characteristics of the product of the foreign trade company and various new products during the product sales process. Etc. The effect is very satisfactory.

Some points must be paid attention to during the use of WhatsApp. The first is the problem with the agent software when using WhatsApp. There are at least two types of agent software used by users. The reason is that some agent software occasionally has a network disconnection. After the situation, WhatsApp is often unable to connect to the network to use, in this case the effect of the backup software can be highlighted. The second important point to pay attention to is that in the process of using WhatsApp, communication skills must be considered when communicating with relevant personnel of the user company. The users are in different countries and have different cultural backgrounds. It is obviously inappropriate to use the same communication skills. Consider the transaction habits of users of different cultural backgrounds. In the process of communicating with this type of users, you must fully pay for what these users require of the product. Finally, we must pay attention to the late follow-up questions after a good find potential users, some foreign trade were excavated after using WhatsApp users, issued a message , if the user does not reply directly to give up, this approach is not appropriate, to give full attention to these good The real intentions of users, after many communication, the probability of being able to establish a communication relationship with these users is very high.
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