Why are the Android systems upgraded to 9.0, but most of the domestic are Android7?

android 9 pie update

Google previously officially released the new Android 9.0 system, which is the Android P system that everyone has practiced, but you may find that many domestic mobile phones still stay at the Android 7.0 level system, and some of the latest ones such as Xiaomi MIUI 10 also Is upgraded to Android 8.1. So why is this?

Be the first to update the new Android system, more of a "PPT" name

We find that many mobile phones today like to announce the use of the new Android system when the new machine is released, but there are no more substantial upgrades and functional changes in the follow-up. "PPT style" registration update. For mobile phone brands, this is nothing more than a big gimmick. There is no substantial change. For example, Huawei mate 10 has updated the Android 8 system first, and so far the EMUI 8 system has not changed much. Therefore, we do not welcome such an upgrade.

Google only provides Android low-level code, and subsequent optimization work still needs to be done by domestic manufacturers.

It needs to be clear. In fact, the Android system provided by Google is only a relatively basic low-level code. The subsequent optimization work needs to be done according to its own mobile phone brand. This will extend the system update and actual application time, so many mobile phones Manufacturers choose to upgrade on old systems. For example, when Xiaomi 8 is also an upgrade based on Android 8.1, not Android 9.

Most of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are customized versions, and the workload of deep optimization is large.

The reason why domestic mobile phone manufacturers are harder to push the Android 9.0 system is that most of them adopt customized version systems, and compared with foreign countries, most of which are Google's native systems. For example, for MIUI, Flyme, EMUI, Smartisan OS and other systems, it will take longer to complete the in-depth optimization of the customized system. At the same time, the financial and material resources required to update the system are also very large.

Google open system update, but also depends on the voice of mobile phone manufacturers

Google has always prioritized the update of its Google pixel phone, but in recent years, it has gradually been opened to some Android phone manufacturers. In other words, in fact, Google ’s open system update also depends on the voice of the phone manufacturer. It is possible to update the latest system.

In your opinion, why are the Android systems upgraded to 9.0, while most of the domestic are Android7? Welcome to talk about your opinion

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